Tuesday, April 7, 2009

talking of twins and doing what i'm made to do

As Lil and I were talking over breakfast this morning, we saw a baby on tv on an ultrasound. It brought up the topic of having another baby sister or brother. Here's how it went:

mom: so when God puts a baby in mommy's tummy-
lil: a "seeso" (sister)
mom: well, it could be a bubba or a sissy
lil: a "seeso".hayden wants a bubba, i wanna seeso
mom: actually, God gets to decide and we just need to say "thank you God for whatever you"-
lil: HOW ABOUT TWO?!?!?
mom: what?!? no! two? oh no!! no no no.
lil: yeah yeah!!! you know, one comes out fust (first) and then anudah one- see? (as though it's just as simple as baking two rounds of cookies)
mom: (i've got nothing. i'm just terrified at the thought..no words)
lil: smile:)
mom: well, anyways, we'll see.
lil: breaks from conversation when she sees a situation she needs to fix
hayden:starts freaking out over the garbage lil took from him (he was pushing back and forth through the house)
mom: still speechless

So, this goes out to my sweet friend Nicole. you are an awesome mom of twins.

hope you're having a great day today so far. it SNOWED here over the weekend. i just couldn't believe it, and sort of can. family (tom and court) came and are still here and it has been refreshing being with them. hayden and lil remembered them right away and adored them. lil and aunt court played a competitive round of "memory" and hayden snuggled up on uncle tom's lap and laid his head on his shoulder. that is just so wonderful. to all our family out there, we love you guys a lot! thanks for the way you guys love our children. it really means the world to us to see their "cup" being filled with love. i believe it will go a long way.

probably the other hi-light of my weekend was church on sunday. it was awesome. our sunday school teacher (who is one of the top theologians of our time) taught awesome things in 2samuel. really opened my eyes. i will talk about that another time. and then we went upstairs for a service that ended in intensely free and well, spontaneous worship. our church was completely worshipping God. no walls, the Spirit was moving and my heart was so filled with the Joy of the Lord. i wish it were like that all the time- that must really be what heaven will be like. no cares about anything else in the world. just completely there and doing what we're made to do.

well, i'm going to attend to my kids now. if you remember, say a prayer for Coops today. he has a presentation today that he's worked really hard on. he is so wonderful. i think the next blog will be about how wonderful he is.


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  1. You're having twins!?!!?!? I think I'm going to spread that rumor--even though I know it isn't true--just because I want you to have twins! How much fun would that be. . .okay, maybe not so much fun for you! I'm glad you're having fun with all of our guests! I can't wait to see pictures!!!