Thursday, April 2, 2009

princess parties...for girls only

hello out there! i feel like i'm talking on a stage with a spotlight and can't see the audience:) luckily, there are probably about three of you out there who are actually reading this. so, hello! first of all, just want to say thanks so much to my sis Jamie for getting me started on this blog. i've been wanting to start a blog but didn't know how to. you've always gone above and beyond when there was a need...this is just a small example- so thank you Aunt Mimi!

i started designing my blog tonight and tried to make the whole thing pink, but it was a little hard on the eyes, so here it is. my first official blog. not sure where it's going to go from here, but i'm excited to share thoughts and stories about the big and small things in our life.

so a small story from today: Lil found a picture of when i was the kiowa princess at kamp (i may have just lost some of you). she then proceeded to tell me that she didn't like the picture "because of the things on my face" (indian stripes). i asked her if it was because she wanted stripes on her face too and she looked down, smiled, and said yes. about a minute later, i found her with four markers in her hands drawing stripes on her face. she thought she was in trouble, but i was actually pretty impressed with how straight the lines were so i helped her finish it out. as i'm sure you can imagine, she now loves that picture of mommy. a little bit later, hayden woke up to a tiny indian princess running into his room and he wasn't sure what to think, so we got out some red and black markers and striped him too. he then had a 20 minute meltdown. i guess we'll keep the princess dress up parties between just us girls from now on.


  1. Hey Missy! Glad to see you are blogging!!!

  2. 1. You are welcome. . .so very welcome.
    2. You are a SUPER mom! A super mom!!!

  3. Well... I guess I am person number 3.
    So glad Jamie Jo did this for you!
    1. Yes I am reading.
    2. Yes I am LAUGHING! Poor Hayden! :)