Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

Happy Easter/Ressurection Day to all of you!
we learned a great idea for Easter from our sunday school teacher. he said that the term "Easter" is a pagan term so he celebrated with the candy, eggs, and bunnies on saturday and then celebrated "Ressurection Day" on sunday. we thought that was a great idea, so that's what we are doing in our fam. debbie jo had a great idea to have our saturday time be a little party to anticipate the Ressurection Day. it was brief since we had been downtown all day with Gogo and Pops, but it was fun:)! a little Easter basket hunt in the house and eating candy.

we had a WONDERFUL time with our family over the past week. like i mentioned earlier, time with tom and court was awesome. and then the rest of the week was filled with quality Gogo and Pops time. our kids couldn't get enough of them. they are totally in love with them as you'll see in the pictures above!

so a few hi-lights from our precious time with our branson family:
-being with Joe and Debbie Jo. it filled all of our hearts!!! great conversation, tons of laughter, lots of activities, and great bonding with the kids. it was incredible quality time that we needed!
-going to the Children's Museum and laughing at the kids as they soaked themselves in bubbles and almost got blown away by the wind machine!

-eating mexican food a few times:)

-going to the Shedd Aquarium downtown

-eating "doughnuts from heaven" at the Grand Lux
-sharing seats on the train

-eating a veggie sandwich with Pops

-hearing Hayden say "Goooo Goooo (Gogo)" for the first time an Lil saying "Dodo"

-all of us being on our couch together every night having great talks, and live performances from Lillyanne
-being entertained by Pops and Lulu as their energy levels make them the perfect pair!

-watching Cooper enjoy every minute of being with his parents and sharing about his passions

wow, i am getting sad thinking about how special that time was. so thankful to the Lord for providing memories like that.
kids just woke up from their naps...that's my cue.



  1. Thanks, Miss. I loved this blog entry! Those two pics are priceless. . .they say so much! And I loved your bullet points of fun! I'm glad you had a good week! The kids are adorable! Miss you!

  2. So glad you got special time with your family! Love these pics! I am calling you ASAP - things have been crazy down here. Can't wait to catch up. LOVE YOU!